Have Got and Has Got Grammar

We use have got and has got to show possession.

Has got is used with (he, she, it or any singular name), and we use have got with (i, you, we, they or any plural names).

Formula 1: Subject (i, you, we, they or any plural names)+ have got + object.


  • Sarah and Ibrahim have got chocolates.
  • You have got a motorbike.

Formula 2: Subject (he, she, it or any singular name)+ have got + object.


  • Ibrahim has got a chocolate.
  • She has got a mobile phone.

Have Got and Has Got With Long Form and Contracted Form

Have Got Grammar

Long Form

I have got a brother

You have got a sister.

We have got a car. 

You have got a nice house. 

They have got money.  

Contracted Form

I've got a brother.

You've got a sister.

We've got a car.

You've got a nice house.

They've got money.


Has Got Grammar

Long Form

He has got a guitar.  

She has got a cat.  

It has got Bluetooth.  

Contracted Form

He's got a guitar.

She's got a cat.

It's got Bluetooth.

Negative sentences of have got and has got with contracted form

Long Form Short Form
have not got a brother.

haven't got a brother.

I've not got a brother.

You have not got a sister.

You haven't got a sister.

You've not got a sister.

He has not got a guitar.

He hasn't got a guitar.

He's not got a guitar.

She has not got a cat.

She hasn't got a cat.

She's not got a cat.

It has not got Bluetooth.

It hasn't got Bluetooth.

It's not got Bluetooth.

We have not got money.

We haven't got money.

We've not got money.

You have not got a nice room.

You haven't got a nice house.

You've not got a nice house.

They have not got laptop.

They haven't got laptop.

They've not got laptop.


Questions of have got and has got with short answers

Question Short Answer
Have I got money?

Yes, I have.

No, I haven't.

Have you got lots of suits?

Yes, I have.

No, I haven't.

Has he got a cell phone?

Yes, he has.

No, she hasn't.

Has she got a pen?

Yes, he has.

No, she hasn't.

Has it got lights?

Yes, it has.

No, it hasn't.

Have we got juice?

Yes, we have.

No, we haven't.

Have you got a computer?

Yes, we have.

No, we haven't.

Have they got magazine?

Yes, they have.

No, they haven't.

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