The Infinitive Without To

We use "Infinitive" after following phrases.

The Infinitive Without To After Modals

Can - She can speak English Well.

Could - You could phone me yesterday.

May - They may find the solution of their problem.

Might - It might rain today.

Must - You must apologize for what you've done.

Need - I need exercise daily.

Should - Everyone should fight against cancer.

Will - We will go to the cinema tonight.

Would - I would complete my work.

See also Modal Verbs


The Infinitive without to after the following structures

Had better - You had better take decision now.

See also had better

Would rather - I would rather watch football match.

See also would, would rather

Would sooner - We would sooner stay at home than go out.

Why not - Why not play game for change?

Why should we - Why should we agree with them?


The infinitive without to after specific verbs + object

Feel - I feel the fever remain for two or three days more.

Hear - I hear him discuss your matter.

Notice - I notice him take no interest in study these days.

See - They see you work a lot.

Watch - She watches the kids play outside.


Infinitive after let

When "Let" is followed by object.

Let - They let their children decide on their own.

When "Let" is not followed by object.

Let's - Let's watch the movie.

See also causative verbs in English grammar


Infinitive without to after help + object

Help - She helped a blind man cross the road.

See also causative verbs in English grammar


Infinitive After Make + Object

Make - The mother made me bring some grocery.

See also causative verbs in English grammar


English Grammar Gerund

Special Verbs followed by Gerund in passive sense

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Gerund after prepositions

Infinitive and Gerund

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Infinitive and Gerund - with different meaning

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The infinitive with to - English Grammar

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