Had Better Grammar

Had Better Grammar

We use "Had Better" to give advice which shows the meaning that to something is more suitable and wise.

For example: You had better meet your today. (equal to "it would be suitable and wise to meet mother")

Had Better Grammar

Formula: Subject + had batter + first form of the verb + object


  • You had / You'd better consult the doctor as soon as possible.
  • She'd better apologies her teacher.
  • We had better get the house constructed.

Note: Better comes before not in negative sentence.

For example: We had better not have differences with each other.


  • I'd better not leave my suitcase here. Any thief might steal it.
  • You 'd better not resign from job because the jobs are hard to come by these.

We make the question form of "had better" by placing had before the subject .

For example: Had we better change our house before the rainy days start?

Note: "Had better"is used more commonly in negative question than affirmative question that mentioned above.


  • Hadn't you better turn the lights off ? in this way you can save energy.
  • Hadn't we better inform father about the accident?

Note: We can also use ought to and should as synonyms.

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