Have to Grammar, Have Got to Grammar

Have to Grammar, Have Got to Grammar

We use "have to"  to express a strong obligation.

Have to grammar

Formula: Subject + have to/has to + first form of the verb + object

For example:

  • you have to prepare well for the interview.
  • She has to deal with all issues alone.

Subjects are used with "have to" or "has to"

Have to: i, you, we, they, any plural names.

Has to: he, she, it, any singular name.


  • Ibrahim has to get his knee operated.
  • They have to confess what they did.
  • Sarah and Julia have to be at the doctors by nine o'clock.
  • We have to get up early in the morning to reach office on time.

Note: "Must" can also be used similarly to "have to"

See also must

The negative sentence is formed for "have to" using do not/don't and does not/doesn't did not/didn't and only "have to" is used in negative sentence.


  • She doesn't have to do home chores.
  • They don't have to pay for the residence.
  • He didn't have to wash his cloths.

In order to make questions do, does, did are used and only "have to" is used in question form.


  • Does she have to work more than she is paid?
  • Do they have to submit a report to the court?
  • Did he have to force Julia to stand by him?

Have got to grammar

Note: In British English "have got to" is more commonly used similarly to "have to" 


  • you have got to prepare well for the interview.
  • She hasn't got to do home chores.
  • Have they got to submit a report to the court?

Note: "Have got to" is only used in present.

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