Would English Grammar, Would Rather

Would English Grammar - Would Rather

We use "would" as a modal verb that is used to talk about future in the past, polite invitation or offer and the habit of past.

Would English Grammar

Formula: Subject + would + first form of the verb + object

Future In The Past


  • I told you she would reject him.
  • He resolved that he would clear the papers.
  • They decided that how many people would the part of the group.

Polite Invitation Or Offer


  • Would you like to have a coup off coffee?
  • Would you like to come with me to watch football match?

Past Habits


  • When she was young  she would attract everyone.
  • Me and my friend would play for the school in our school days.

Note: For past habits we also use "Used To" with the same meaning  in place of "Would"

See Used To

Would In Conditionals

We also use "would" in the main clause of conditional sentences for imaginary situation.


  • If you didn't argue with boss, he would still work for this company.
  • If we had prepared well, the result would have been different.

See also Conditionals

Would Rather

"Would Rather" is used to tell about  preferring one thing to another.


  • I would / I'd rather watch football match than watch drama.
  • I'd rather not work a lot today.

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