Majestic Citation Flow | Majestic Trust Flow

What are majestic citation flow and majestic trust flow?

There are certain SEO tools that are highly popular. Few big fishes in the SEO department have built these tools that help the bloggers to do effective optimization of their sites. One among such big fishes is the Majestic, and they are providing multiple tools that help you in determining where your site stands in the rankings. In those various tools, one is the Trust Flow and Citation Flow. Now, to a lot of people, these terms will be completely new. So, what is majestic TF/CF? Should you be concerned about it? We will look at it below.

What is majestic trust flow?

The Trust flow is a metric that will help in determining the trustworthiness of a link. It is mostly based on the quality of backlinks that are referring to this website. If they are from high authority sites,  they will be considered as strong and will take the trust flow higher. Now, when you will check it, you will find that for almost every site is it lower than the citation flow (we will look at the CF in a while). It may make you wonder that why this happens?

When you make backlinks, you ensure that they are from strong sites. You will try your best to have links from the sites that are trusted by many people. However, there are certain directories that will catch your site and list them. This will lead to a low-quality backlink. Thus, not all of the backlinks can be from the quality sites which is why it cannot overwhelm the citation flow.

The majestic citation flow

The citation flow helps in determining the influence of a link in a site. It is also based on the consideration of links that are pointing towards it. But same is being checked in the TF. So, what is the difference?

Well, in TF, the quality of the links matter, but in CF, the quantity does. In case that the trust flow increases, the citation flow automatically jumps up. However, it is not necessary that when the citation flow of a page increases, the trust flow will increase as well. Because, when you get the backlinks from the sites that are not trustworthy, the trust flow will remain all the same. But when you check it for the citation flow, it means that more sites are pointing towards your site. It will ultimately mean that more people are interested in reading your content. Therefore, the citation flow will increase.

Should you be worried about it?

Well, by now you know what is majestic TF/CF so you must be worried if you are a blogger. If your site has high CF but the TF is not considerably alright, this will have a negative impact on your site. It means that you have backlinks, but most of them are of poor quality. On the other hand, if you have high trust flow, it is a clear indication that your site possesses high quality content.

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