Moz Domain And Page Authority

What is Moz domain and page authority? Why is it so significant?

If you are into blogging and SEO, you will probably be aware of what is Moz domain and page authority. Moz provides you with a number of tools using which you can analyse your website and have a better ranking. Among many things that you can do with it, one is the checking of domain and page authority. Now, for those of you who do not know what it is, we bring to you in this article, what are page authority and domain authority by MOZ.

The page authority

The page authority is a way of checking how well you have built your page in concern with the SEO. Search Engine Optimization is crucial to any blogger and everyone with to have his or her page on the top in search engine rankings. When you put your page into the MOZ, the tool checks it in concern with variously defined programs. These programs are written keeping an eye at how the search engine bots work. It will use the Mozscape web index in order to see where your page stands. Your page will get a score out of hundred. The checking also includes the link count, MozRank, MozTrust and some other factors.

The Domain Authority

A lot of people also check their website for the domain authority. They are often found confused regarding which one to rely on. Some go on the page while others work on to improve the authority of the domain. The Domain Authority is a method made by the experts of Moz that let you know how high your website will rank on the search engines. It is a thorough check of your site that includes various things which the developers kept their eye at. It is checked for the MozRank, MozTrust, Links to root domains, count of overall links, etc.

Page authority vs Domain authority

The page authority helps in measuring the strength of a single page. It helps you in determining how well a page will rank in the search engine. On the other hand, domain authority works a bit differently. It analyzes your whole site. No matter how many number of pages you have on your site, it will analyze all of them to predict a good ranking for you.

Why is it so critical to you?

Being a blogger or the person responsible for doing SEO of a particular site or page, these two things are highly important for you. You need something that will let you know whether you are working in the right direction while you are doing on page SEO. By the help of these tools, you will get to know where you site stands and where your page ranks. Moreover, you will also get the idea about what are the things that you must focus on more and more in order to take your site higher in search engine rankings.

By now, you would be aware of what is Moz domain and page authority. Utilize these tools to do effective SEO of your site.

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