Search Engine Optimization Tutorial- SEO

What is SEO? In order to learn seo through this search engine optimization tutorial, you need to understand that what actually search engine optimization is. SEO stands for search engine optimization which is a discipline of marketing online. The basic concept is of enhancing the visibility of your web page or website over unpaid results of different search engines. You can use many creative techniques to increase the approach of users towards your page. The techniques vary from the use of certain keywords on your page to the link of your website to other sites on the web. This article will help you to identify many ways to search the keywords and useful expressions that will drive traffic to your page and for making your site more responsive to the search engine results.

Why use SEO?

There are many search engines working commercially that include Google, Yahoo,nd YouTube that drive traffic to your page and generate more visits by the users.Many social networking sites also help in operating SEO. The main benefit of using the right SEO techniques is that it can drive thousands of users towards your page. These users will result in increased publicity, more exposure and generate revenue for your business. It will not be worthless spending on SEO. About other marketing strategies, it will provide extraordinary results.

Boost Publicity

There are numerous ways that will enhance the publicity of website by giving desired results of searches. You can add Cross Linkages to increase links among essential pages on the web. Writing the material that includes those words and phrases that are normally searched will help a lot. If your website is capable of answering numerous queries of searches, this will augment traffic. For adding more keywords use descriptions and tag titles. Normalisation of URL is also another technique to boost your popularity level and link more related URLs to your page.

Categories of SEO Techniques

Normally SEO is classified into two large classes. Some of them are regarded as good while some are referred to as not so good to approve for use.

The first category is known as White Hat Techniques. The results of this technique are feasible for a longer period. These techniques have no fraud and are operated with complete codes and ethical techniques.

The second category includes Black Hat Techniques. The usage of such techniques means that the results will not last long and eventually your website will be blocked after some time. There are no proper rules written, but it is necessary to have a proper line among the right and wrong techniques to follow.

Help in marketing strategy

SEO is an unpaid technique over most search engines, and mostly it is not as successful for some sites as the paid advertisements are. There are a certain set of guidelines to improve the ratings of search quality. Google has released those set of guidelines. By using this guideline properly according to the situation will help to optimise the results of searches and drive more traffic by enhancing the visibility from users. Using SEO techniques is a helpful practice for the marketing of your product.

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