Phrase and Clause

Phrase and Clause in English Grammar

Comparison - Definitions
A clause is defined as a group of related words that contains a subject and predicate (verb).
Example: He did work.
A phrase is defined as a group of related words that does not contain a subject and predicate (verb). 
Example: on the table.
Consider the following example:
                He is sitting on the  chair.
In the above sentence there are two parts “he is sitting” and “on the chair”.
The first part of the sentence “he is sitting” is a clause because it possesses  a subject (he) and a predicate (is sitting).
The second part of the sentence “on the chair" is a phrase because it does not contain subject and a verb.
The difference  between a clause and a phrase is that a clause consists of both subject and verb, but a phrase doesn't contain a subject and verb.
The underlined parts of each following sentence show a clause, while the rest parts (non-underlined) of each sentence shows a phrase.
         He reached office in time.
         I was sitting near a wall.
         They are singing in a loud voice.
         She made tea for the guests.
         He bought perfume for his friend.
         I will meet him at the restaurant.
         You look innocent in this picture.

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