Subject and Predicate

Subject and Predicate

A sentence is group of words which expresses a complete meaning or idea.
 Example: He ate an apple.
A sentence consists of two parts: 

  1. subject
  2. predicate

Sentence = Subject + Predicate.


The part of sentence which performs some action in a sentence is called Subject. A subject can be a noun, pronoun, noun clause or noun phrase.
           He is doing work.
           John is riding a bike.
           She ate an apple
           I wrote her a letter.


The part of sentence which expresses about the subject is called predicate.

           He is doing work.
           John is riding a bike.
           She ate an apple
           I wrote her a letter.

Subject refers to the actor of a sentence. The part of a sentence about which something is told in a sentence is the subject of sentence. While the part of a sentence that tells something about subject is the predicate of sentence.



In the above example, “she” is a subject because it performs an action of washing clothes. While the rest part of the sentence “is typing a letter” is predicate of sentence because it tells something (Typing a letter) about the subject.

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