Passive Voice Rules For All Tenses in English Grammar

Passive Voice Rules For All Tenses

The following format is specially designed to you help understand the passive voice rules for all tenses with ease.


Present Simple Tense (passive Voice)

 Am, is, are

Active voice:
He sells tomatoes.
He does not sell tomatoes.

Does he sell tomatoes?

Passive voice:
Tomatoes are sold by him.
Tomatoes are not sold by him.
Are tomatoes sold by him?


Present Continuous Tense (passive Voice)
 am being, is being, are being

Active voice:
I am writing a book.
I am not writing a book.
Am I writing a book?

Passive voice:
A book is being written by me.
A book is not being written by me.
Is a book being written by me?


Present Perfect Tense (passive Voice)
 has been, have been

Active voice:
She has done the job.
She has not done the job.
Has she done the job?

Passive voice:
The job has been done by her.
The job has not been done by her.
Has the job been done by her?


Past Simple Tense (passive Voice)
 was, were

Active voice:
I liked Ice Cream.
I did not like Ice Cream.
Did I like Ice Cream?

Passive voice:
Ice Cream was liked by me.
Ice Cream wasn't liked by me.
Was Ice Cream liked by me?


Past Continuous Tense (Passive Voice)

 was being, were being

Active voice:
He was riding a bike.
He was not riding a bike.
Was he riding a bike?

Passive voice:
A bike was being ridden by him?
A bike wasn't being ridden by him?
Was a bike being ridden by him?


Past Perfect Tense (Passive Voice

 had been

Active voice:
They had completed the tasks.
They had not completed the tasks.
Had they completed the tasks.

Passive voice:
The tasks had been completed by them.
The tasks hadn't been complete by them.
Had the tasks been completed by them?


Future Simple Tense (Passive Voice)

 will be

Active voice:
She will operated computer.
She will not operated computer.
Will she operate computer?

Passive voice:
Computer will be operated by her.
Computer  will not be operated by her.
Will Computer be operated by her?


Future Perfect Tense (passive Voice)

will have been

Active voice:
You will have found the job.
You will haven't found the job.
Will you have found the job?

Passive voice:
The job will have been found by you.
The job won't have been found by you.
Will the job have been found by you?

Note: The following tenses cannot be changed into passive voice.

  1. Present perfect progressive tense
  2. The past perfect continuous tense
  3. The future continuous tense
  4. The future perfect continuous tense
  5. Sentence having Intransitive verbs

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