Past Simple Tense

Past Simple Tense

The past simple tense is used to show an action that happened or completed in past, usually a very little time before speaking, or action which is just completed. Time of action is not specified in terms of long time ago or short ago but it make a sense that the action has done a little time ago. For example, a person says, “I watched a movie”, it means the speaker of this sentence watched a movie a little time ago. 

Rules:2nd form of verb (past simple) is used as main verb in the positive sentences and base form is used in negative and interrogative sentences.

Structure of sentences

Positive Sentence
      • Subject + 2nd form of verb (past simple) + object
      I killed music.
      She met her mother.

Negative sentences

       • Subject + did not + 1st form of verb or base form + object
In negative sentence “did not” (short contraction didn't ) is written and the 1st form of the verb is used instead of using 2nd form.
       I did not / didn't like music.
       She didn't meet her mother.

Interrogative sentences
     • Did + subject + 1st form of the verb + object
Interrogative sentence starts with “did” and the 1st form of verb is used instead of using 2nd form.
     Did I like music?
     Did she meet her mother?

Interrogative Negative Sentences

  • Didn't + subject + 1st form of the verb + object


       Didn't I like music?

       Didn't she meet her mother?

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