Kinds of Sentence According to Function

There are four kinds of sentence according to function.

  1. Assertive or Declarative Sentence
  2. Interrogative Sentence
  3. Imperative Sentence
  4. Exclamatory Sentence

Assertive or Declarative Sentence

A sentence that makes a statement or assertion is called an assertive or declarative sentence.

       He goes to office.
       He likes to play cricket.
       She is playing golf.

Interrogative Sentence

A sentence in which a question is asked is called an interrogative sentence. Interrogative sentence ends with question mark.

       Where are you going?
       Do you read newspaper?

Imperative Sentence

A sentence that expresses a request, command or advice is called an imperative sentence.

       Open the door.   (an order)
       Please help me.  (a request)

Exclamatory Sentence

A sentence that shows strong feelings or emotions is called an exclamatory sentence. These sentences express surprise, joy, sorrow, appreciation, love excitement, frustration, anger etc. An exclamatory sentence ends with exclamation mark.

       What a beautiful girl she is!
       How wonderfully he is singing!
       That is fantastic!
       Hurrah! We won the match!

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