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Pakistani Roti: a flat round bread cooked on a griddle. Pakistani most common and popular types of roti are named as Rumali Roti, Aloo paratha, Chapati, Hoyha, Kaak, Bakarkhani, Bhatoora, Kulcha, Makki di roti, Naan, Puri,  Sheermal, Taftan, Tandoor Roti etc.

bread roll recipe

Ingredients Bread Slice (fresh) 6 Chicken (boiled mince) ¼ Potatoes Boiled (mashed) 2 Hari Mirch (chopped) 3 Hara Dhanya (chopped) 1 gathi Lal Mirch Powder (as needed) Salt (to taste) Black pepper powder (as needed) Cooking Oil Egg 2 Bread crums 1 packet...

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Masala Palak Paratha

Masala Palak Paratha a simple and healthy roti that made by spinach and combination of spices. Take a sieve to wheat flour, mixed the all above mentioned ingredients in a mixing bowl. Read more about masala palak paratha Recipe in Urdu at ...

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Methi Chapati Recipe

Methi Chapati Methi Chapati is very healthy. Even diabetics patient can have this. You can also use dry fenugreek leaves. Read more about methi chapati Recipe in Urdu at ...

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Methi Garlic Kulcha

By using sieve or chalni to wheat plain flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Combine in a mixing bowl. Add minced garlic, chopped methi leaves and sugar. Read more about methi garlic kulcha Recipe in Urdu at

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Anda Paratha

Anda Paratha Anda Paratha Recipe in Urdu is really healthy recipe as traditional cooking recipes. It is very easy to prepare and gives you unique taste of Breakfast Menu. Read more about anda paratha Recipe in Urdu at

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Gram Flour Chapatis (Basni Roti)

Take a mixing bowl and put all the above ingredients into and mix all together. Read more about gram flour chapatis Recipe in Urdu at ...

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Vegetable and Cheese Kulcha

Vegetable and cheese kulcha is very popular in breakfast in pakistan. This recipe is unique then that kulcha due to the fact this is stuffed with greens and top with cheese. Sincerely delicious! read more about Vegetable and Cheese Kulcha Recipe in Urdu at

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Keema Naan Recipe

Qeema Naan with mouth watering mince stuffing is very easy yet delicious. Try out this recipe and enjoy hot with your entire family. Read more about keema naan Recipe in Urdu at

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Sheermal Recipe

Take some lukewarm water and put two tablespoon of yeast and soak it for 10 minutes. Put all the ingredients in a large sized bowl, mix and knead a soft dough and add milk during kneading. Read more about Sheermal Recipe in Urdu at

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Lachha Paratha Recipe in Urdu

Combine wheat flour, curd and salt in a mixing bowl. Knead to a smooth dough by adding hot water slowly. Cover the dough and keep it aside for 30 mins. Read more about lachha paratha Recipe in Urdu at

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Aloo Paneer Kulcha

Aloo Paneer Kulcha Kulcha is a type of flatbread mainly cooked on tandoor. Since we dont have tandoor at home, you can try to cook with oven or stove top... read more about aloo paneer kulcha Recipe in Urdu at ...

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Daal Bharay Parathay

daal bhara paratha Daal Bhara Paratha Recipe | Paratha is the most common meal of Pakistani foods, usually they take it at breakfast and lunch time. Daal Bhara Paratha Recipe is a very easy to make and gives you perfect taste of Daal Paratha Recipes. Read more about daal bharay parathay Recipe in Urdu at

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Qeema Anda Roti

Qeema anda roti put egg for your mince stuffed paratha and get an interesting taste. Qeema anda roti is a healthful choice on your breakfast, lunch container and in sehar time. Read more about keema anda roti Recipe in Urdu at

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Paratha Recipe in Urdu

For the Tasty Paratha Recipe, Take a bowl  and put  all dry ingredients, mix with all the wet ingredients, mix all together and knead well. Read more about paratha Recipe in Urdu at ...

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Roomali Roti Recipe

Roomali roti is an artwork and is absolutely going to take some practice but is really worth all of the attempt. Read more about roomali roti Recipe in Urdu at

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Flat Bread Recipe

You could experience these naan's undeniable or along with your favored Pakistani dish, including a curry dish! read more about Flat Bread Recipe in Urdu at ...

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