Fresh Juice

Fresh Juice: A wide variety of traditional and non-traditional Paksitani desi drink like lassi, milkshake, thandaayi and various fruit juices, mashrubaat and sherbet recipes are available Here...! Fruit juice, although tasty and refreshing, is not as healthy as whole fruit. But try some refreshing drink recipes.... Know how to use fruits to make juice at home easily at

Phalse ka Sharbat

False achi tarah se dho kar is mein pani daal kar boil kar lein aur phir kisi chalni mein chan kar gooda alag kar lein. Chana hua goodah aur chini aik patili mein pakayein... read more about phalse ka sharbat Recipe in Urdu at

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Nannari Paal Sharbat

Nannari Paal Tukma Sharbat: Now prepare a glass of Nannari Paal Sarbat ,add one teaspoon of soaked tukma or chia seeds. ...

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Celery and Apple Juice

By the help of juice extractor to process the celery, apples and ginger and collect their juice in a large jug and stir to combine or mixed the well. Read more about celery and apple juice Recipe in Urdu at ...

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Avocado Milkshake Recipe

Add chilled heavy cream (best use of stainless-steel). Add sugar and vanilla. Stir till this forms stiff highs. Read more about avocado milkshake Recipe in Urdu at

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Fresh Guava Juice Recipe

FRESH GUAVA JUICE: Take pink fresh Guava and wash it well the peel its skin. Read more about fresh guava juice Recipe in Urdu at ...

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Apple Carrot Juice

NOTE:- 2.5 Kg Carrots + One Green Apple ------> Make Juice = Drink all the juice  a Day + 18 apricot Seed =( Best for  Cancer patients ) read more about Apple Carrot Juice Recipe in Urdu at

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Spiced Apple Juice

Learn to make Spiced Apple Juice. Read these easy to follow recipe instructions and enjoy Spiced Apple Juice with your friends & family! read more about spiced apple juice Recipe in Urdu at

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