Phalse ka Sharbat

Phalse ka Sharbat


Grewia asiatica is a species of Grewia native to southern Asia from Pakistan, India east to Cambodia, and widely cultivated in other tropical countries. 

  • Scientific name: Grewia asiatica
  • Higher classification: Grewia
  • Common name: Phalsa or Falsa
  • Rank: Species


  • 1 Kilogram - Falsay
  • 3  cups - Water
  •  1 pinch - Kala namak
  • 750 grams - Sugar
  • 4 - lemons


False achi tarah se dho kar is mein pani daal kar boil kar lein aur phir kisi chalni mein chan kar gooda alag kar lein. Chana hua goodah aur chini aik patili mein pakayein, phir is aameze mein namak aur lemon ka ras mila lein, ab is aameze ko shishe ka bottle mein mehfooz kar key fridge mein rakh dein. Jab zaroorat ho aik glass thande pani mein aik spoon gooda mix kar key pesh karein.

Health Benefits Of Phalsa

  • It is excellent to alleviate summer thirst and hot weather related problems.
  • The raw fruit relieves inflammations, fevers and blood disorders. It purifies blood.
  • A wonderful reliever of respiratory ailments like asthma, bronchitis, colds, coughs and sore throat.
  • It relieves urinary problems like burning and the juice aids in relieving digestive problems like excess acidity and indigestion.
  • The infusion of the bark is used to treat Diarrhea.
  • The paste of the leaves cures skin infections like eczema and eruptions and heals wounds.
  • The fruit relieves liver and gall bladder problems, regulates blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • The seeds are used to treat gonorrhoea and fertility problems.
  • It protects from sunstroke, cures anaemia.
  • The bark of the root is used to treat rheumatism. 

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