Simple Sherry Trifle

Simple Sherry Trifle


Trifle sponges



Custard Powder

Skimmed milk

Double cream

Sugar (for the custard)


 sugar (for sprinkling)

6-8 Trifle sponges or 1 pack 

2 tins (sliced)

1 pack (flavour jelly)

1 pack

1 litre


2 tablespoons (for the custard)

Well amount of sherry 

1 tbs For sprinkling and garnish


  • Tear up the sponges and region within the bottom of a deep glass dish.
  • Add the sherry subsequent and don't be shy with it - just pour slowly from the bottle till the sponge is soaked.
  • Do not pour it in in order that they drift or your visitors will need a taxi domestic! Set to one facet. (five mins)
  • Open the tin(s) of peaches and drain off the syrup. You do not need to be best draining it off, simply dispose of most of it.
  • Pour the peaches onto the sponge and set up lightly if necessary. (2 mins)
  • Make the jelly to the commands at the packet.
  • A touch water in a microwaveable jug with the jelly - 1 min on complete electricity - blend it very well and make it as much as a pint with bloodless water is the same old trick. Whilst completely mixed, pour slowly over the sherry sponge and peaches.
  • Assist it set by using refrigerating it for a few hours. (2-3 hours)
  • Once the jelly is ready, make the custard to the directions on the packaging.
  • It wishes to be fairly thick custard to permit it to set. I find it better to make from custard powder the usage of milk rather than the use of immediately powder or geared up made stuff. If you make your own from scratch even better.
  • Make about a pint of custard and prepare on the hob. As soon as thickened, switch it to a plastic bowl or jug and stir till cool.
  • This could take a while but it stops pores and skin forming over the surface and allows even cooling.
  • Once cooled, pour slowly over the set jelly and refrigerate to assist it set.
  • The surface of the custard can also crack but that is not anything to fear approximately. (2-three hours). I discover it first-class to prep to this stage the day earlier than.
  • Once the custard has set, the trifle is ready for the cream topping.
  • Double cream is satisfactory to use - whip it up till it is on the soft peak degree.
  • Do not allow it go too far, however it is no exquisite hassle if it does.
  • Scoop the cream over the top of the custard and cover the complete trifle the usage of a spatula (or a spoon).
  • Finish it off with a generous sprinkling of sugar strands and refrigerate for approximately 20 minutes. Now the sherry trifle is ready to be served.

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