Kaju Ka Halwa Recipe

Kaju Ka Halwa Recipe

  • Cashew nuts ---------------------- Half Kilo
  • Sugar ------------------------------- 250 grams
  • Pure Ghee ------------------------- 50 grams
  • Cardamom powder -------------- a pinch
  • Silver foil --------------------------- Few foils 


  •  Make a powder form of the 500 grams of cashew nuts by the help of grinder.
  •  Take half amount of sugar as the cashew nuts weight you have.
  • Make a sheera of the sugar by adding equal amout of water as sugar's weight you used.
  • Cook it until sugar and water turns into thick sugar syrup.
  • Add both the sugar and cashew nuts and cardamom powder into a non stick pan. Add the ghee and cook well until it combine together. you need to stair spatula continuously.
  • When it starts leaving the stickyness from the pan as cashew paste turns into halwa and mix them well.
  • Remove it from heat, and knead to a smooth ball or like a dough. You will get a nice dough.
  • Now flatten the same with the rolling pin, cut it into diamond shape and serve.


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