poem on mother in english

A mother is the female parent of a child. Mothers are women who inhabit or perform the role of bearing some relation to their children, who may or may not be their biological offspring. Thus, dependent on the context, women can be considered mothers by virtue of having given birth, by raising their child(ren), supplying their ovum for fertilisation, or some combination thereof. Such conditions provide a way of delineating the concept of motherhood, or the state of being a mother.

FiRsT L00k At m0M

FiRsT L00k At m0MWitH mY EyeS WiNkInG...
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A M0ther GifT

Fr0m thE vErY firSt tiMe Y0u h0lDThEir fiRst GifT iS y0uR hEarT ...
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A M0thEr LIkE Y0u

F0r AlL thE tiMeS y0u'Ve bEEnFr0m thE dAy I wAs b0rN...
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A GrEaT M0thEr

AS I l00k up0n mY chilDreNI wiSh thAt I wilL bE...
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M0tHeR 0' MiNe

If i wErE hAnGeD 0n thE hiGhEsTM0tHeR 0' MiNe 0 m0tHeR ...
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My m0tHeR'S l0vE

A piCtuRe mEm0rY bRinGS t0 mEI l00k aCr0sS thE yEaRs AnD sEE...
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T0 MY M0tHeR

T0DaY'S y0ur nAtAl DaYSwEEt fl0wErS I BrInG...
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Wh0 gAvE mE BiRtH 0n tHiS EaRtHAnD l0vE mE m0sT...
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MY dEaR m0thEr uNliKe AnY 0tHeR

MY dEaR m0thEr uNliKe Y0u tAuGhT mE h0w t0 wAlK...
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MY LiFeliNe

MY M0tHeR iS MY LiFeliNe sHe iS mY SHe d0eS eVerYtHinG ShE cAn f0r mE AnD...
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WhY M0thEr is SpEciAl?

A m0thEr iS s0me0nE wh0Wh0 cArEs f0r y0u iN eVeRy ...
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M0thEr'S DAy

An0thEr M0thEr'S DAy iSBriNgiNg j0y AnD plEaSuReS...
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A M0thEr iS 0nE wh0

A M0thEr iS 0nE wh0uNdeRstAnDs thE tHings...
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I aM A wiFe AnD m0thEr

I Am A WifE aNd m0thErTRieD aNd TRuE...
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w0ndErfuL m0tHeR

GOD mAdE A w0nDerFuL m0tHeRA m0tHeR wh0 nEvEr Gr0wS 0lD...
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iS f0R thE mIlLi0n tHiNgS ShE gAvE mE

"M" iS f0R thE mIlLi0n tHiNgS"0" mEaNs 0nlY thAt ShE'S Gr0wiNg...
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MY m0tHeR iS iN thE m0uNtAiNs

MY m0tHeR iS iN thE m0uNtAiNsShE iS thE wiNd tHr0uGh tHe tReEs...
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HEr hAnDs hElpEd

HEr hAnDs hElD mE GEnTlY fr0m tHe DaYHEr hAnDs hElpEd t0 GuiDe mE aS I t00k...
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HaPPy M0tHeR's DaY

PE0plE sAy "I l0vE y0u"BuT whAt iS l0vE?...
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A M0tHeR

WhEn y0u’Re A cHilD sHe wAlKsT0 sEt An ExAmPlE...
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