poem on friendship in english

Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people. Friendship is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association so alifseye.com brought to you a best friendship poetery collection in english. must read and make strong your friendship.

AlwayS Bee FrieNds,

FrieEndSheeP Is n0T jusT ab0uTWh0 fInD aa speciaL b0nD...
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ThE b0nD 0f FriEndShiP

ThE b0nd 0f FriEndShiP iS eVerlAStiNgTruE friEndS neVeR sAy G00d-byE...
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Y0u hAvE A friEnD iN mE,

Y0u hAvE A friEnDin ME,D0n't trY AnD hidE y0uR fEElingS becAusE y0uR...
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TruE friEndS

TRuE FriEnDs Are f0r lifEThEy arE m0rE thAn sPeciAl...
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FrieNdshiP iN sCh00l

FrieNdS iN higH sCh00l Are f0reveRUNchAngeD thEy ArE WherE y0u AlwaYs...
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A FrienD iS a pErs0n

A FrienD iS a pErs0nT0 lAuGh AnD crY wItH,AN...
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A FriEnD iS A GifT

A FriEnD iS s0mE0nEWh0 cAn l00k iNt0 0uR s0uL...
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Y0u ArE mY FriEnD,

Y0u hEaR mY w0rRieSY0u hEaR mY FeArS,...
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G00d frienD

TherE Is N0thiNg likE aa G00dT0 Tell y0ur tr0ubleS t0....
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0uR FriEnDshiP

AS i thiNk 0f 0uR FrieNdshiPMErE w0rdS caN0t desCribE whAt y0u...
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ThE bEsT 0f friEndS

ThE beSt 0f friEndSCAn chAnGe a froWn,...
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FriEnDshiPs c0mE AnD FriEndShiPs g0 

FriEnDshiPs c0me aNd FriEnDshiPs g0 LikE wAvE up0n thE sAnD...
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A BeSt friEnD

A bEsT friEnDIS alwAyS thEre,...
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FRIeNDsHIp  iS A nEtw0rKThaT nEEds N0 rEchArGe...
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WE arE friEndS

WE arE n0t friEndS bEcAusE0R bEcAusE wE alWaYs ThiNk...
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H0w lUcKy aM I

WiLlinG t0 liSteNAlwAyS thErE...
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