nasir kazmi

Syed Nasir Raza Kazmi was an Urdu poet from Pakistan and one of the renowned poets of this era, especially in the use of "ista aaray" and "chhotee beher." Kazmi was born on 8 December 1925 at Ambala, Punjab,.Kazmi started his poetic life in 1940 by following the style of Akhtar Sherani and wrote romantic poems and sonnets. Later he began writing ghazals under the guidance of Hafeez Hoshyarpuri. He was a great admirer of Mir Taqi Mir, and probably the melancholy and "Ehsaas-e-Mehroomi" in his poetry was a direct result of that admiration. His tutor in poetry was Hafeez Hoshyarpuri, who also used symbols from nature in his poems. Nasir used to hum his poetic verses, and it was appealing to many of his readers and listeners.

Dil dhadakne ka sabab yaad aaya

Dil dhadakne ka sabab yaadwoh teri yaad thi ab yaad aaya....
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Din dhala raat phir aa gayi so raho so raho

Din dhala raat phir aa gayi so raho manzilon chhaa gayi khamoshi so raho...
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Dil mein aur toh kya rakha hai

Dil mein aur toh kya rakhatera dard chhupa rakha hai....
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Yun tere husn ki tasweer ghazal

Yun tere husn ki tasweer ghazal jaise bilqis sulemaan ke mehal ...
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Ye shab ye khyaal-o-khwaab tere

Ye shab ye khyaal-o-khwaabkya phool khile hain munh-...
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Shehar sunsaan hai kidhar jaayen

Shehar sunsaan hai kidharkhaak ho kar kahin bikhar ...
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Zabaan sukhan ko sukhan baankpan

Zabaan sukhan ko sukhan baankpansukhan-kada meri tarz-e-sukhan ...
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Ye raat tumhaari hai chamakte raho taaro

Ye raat tumhaari hai chamaktewoh aayen na aayen magar ummeed ...
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Main hun raat ka ek baja hai

Main hun raat ka ek baja khaali rasta bol raha ...
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Ye bhi kya shaam-e-mulaaqaat aayi

Ye bhi kya shaam-e-mulaaqaatlab pe mushkil se teri baat ...
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Dhoop nikli din suhaane ho gaye

Dhoop nikli din suhaane hochaand ke sab rang pheeke ho...
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Kaun uss raah se guzarta hai

Kaun uss raah se guzarta hai,dil yun hi intezaar karta hai....
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Thodi der ko jee behla tha

Thodi der ko jee behla tha,phir teri yaad ne gher liya tha....
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Aaj toh be-sabab udaas hai jii

Aaj toh be-sabab udaas haiishq hota toh koi baat bhi ...
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Yaad aata hai roz-o-shab koi

Yaad aata hai roz-o-shabhum se rootha hai besabab...
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Dhoop thi aur baadal chhaya tha

Dhoop thi aur baadal chhayader ke baad tujhe dekha...
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Apni dhun mein rehta hun

Apni dhun mein rehtamain bhi tere jaisa hun....
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