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MEaNinG 0f L0vE

T0 l0vE iS t0 ShArE LiFeT0 BuilD SpEciAl PlAnS jUsT...
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I sEE iN y0uR EyES

WHeN I Am l00kiNG iNt0 y0uRI sEE aLL tHe l0vES y0u HaVe...
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I wAnT t0 ShaRe

T0 y0u I GiVe ThE Wh0lE mEF0r I bEliEvE ThAt y0u'Re mY...
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I sEE ThE bReEzE

AS I l00k 0uTsiDe I sEE ThECaReSS ThE LeAveS Fr0m ThE...
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Y0uR WaRm EyeS

Y0u cAmE iNt0 mY LiFeAnD EveRyTHinG T00k A TuRn f0r...
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MY hEaRt BeAtS

Y0uR LiPs SpEaK s0fTY0uR t0uCh A c00L cAreSS...
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JUSt 0nE WiSh

IF I c0uLd hAvE jUsT 0nEI w0ulD wiSh t0 wAkE uP...
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L0vE iS BeAuTifuL

L0vE iS BeAuTifuL AnD GReAtWHeN y0u FiNd ThE RiHhT PeRs0n ...
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AlwAyS AnD F0ReVeR

AlwAyS AnD F0ReVeR iS s0 BuT Kn0w I'LL StAnD bY y0u F0r...
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WHeN I sAy I L0vE y0u

WHeN I sAy I L0vE y0u PlEaSe BeLieVeWHeN I sAy F0reVeR Kn0w I'LL nEveR...
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Y0u ArE ThE w0rlDAS sEEn ThR0uGh PeRfEcT ...
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A DaYwitH0uT y0u

A DaYwitH0uT y0u  iS A DaY WiTh0uTA DaYwitH0uT y0u  iS A DaY WiTh0uT HAppiNeSS...
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MY fEElinGs

AS I wAkE bY y0uR SidEMY fEEliNGs f0r y0u I CaN N0t HiDE...
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I NeVeR FelT A L0vE

I NeVeR FelT A L0vELiKe tHiS BeF0rE...
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WHeN y0u ArE sAd?

WhEn y0u ArE SaD I Will DrYWHeN y0u ArE ScaReD I WilL c0mf0Rt...
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WHaT I L0vE Ab0uT Y0u

I L0vE tHe wAy y0u L00k Y0uR EyeS s0 BRiGhT AnD...
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A sPeCiaL w0RlD f0r y0u

A sPeCiaL w0RlD f0r y0uA sPeCiaL b0nD 0nE cAnN0t sEE...
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PuRe L0vE

iTs SwEEt liKe ThE NeCtaR0f ThE GaRdEn Fl0weR...
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MY 0nlY L0vE

SiNcE ThE FiRsT DaY wE mEtI KnEw y0u WeRe ThE 0nE...
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ShE T0ld mE

ShE T0ld mEAb0uT HeR L0vE...
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