Mirza daagh dehlvi

Mirza Daagh Dehlvi born Nawab Mirza Khan(25 May 1831 – 17 March 1905) was an outstanding poet famous for his Urdu ghazals and belonged to the old Delhi school of Urdu poetry. He wrote romantic and sensuous poems and ghazals in simple and chaste Urdu, minimising usage of Persian words. He laid great emphasis on the Urdu idiom and its usage. He wrote under the takhallus (Urdu word for nom de plume) Daagh Dehlvi (the meanings of Daagh, an Urdu noun, include stain, grief and taint while Dehlvi means belonging to or from Dehli

Hum to faryaad-o-fughaan aah-o-bakaa kartey hain

Hum to faryaad-o-fughaan,aah-o-bakaa kartey hainJin se kuch ho nahin sakta,woh dua kartey hain...
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Ranj Ki Jab Guftaguu Honay Lagi

Ranj Ki Jab Guftaguu Honay LagiAap Se Tum Tum Se TU Honay Lagi...
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Be’dard hain jo Dard kisi ka nhi rakhte

Be’dard hain jo Dard kisi ka nhi rakhte.Aisy b hain Ya’Rab k Tamanna nhi rakhte. . ...
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Wo qatal karke mujhe har kisi se poochte hain

Wo qatal karke mujhe har kisi se poochte hainYe kaam kis ne kiya hain yeh kaam kiska hai...
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