0uR FriEnDshiP

AS i thiNk 0f 0uR FrieNdshiP, I bEgiN t0 sEE
MErE w0rdS caN0t desCribE whAt y0u mEaN t0 mE
WhEn thiS c0lD, hArD w0rlD hAs mE l0nes0mE anD BluE
I l00k uP t0 sEE mY Angel, My swEEt AngeL, y0u

Y0u dRy thE teArS thAt fAll fr0m My eyES
Y0u brinG mE suNshinE t0 BrightEn mY skY.
Y0u reScuE mE whEn I aM sCareD AnD al0ne
ANd tAkE mY haNd t0 leAd mE h0mE

N0 mAtteR thE milEs thaT kEEp uS ApArt
We'rE alwAys t0gEtheR iN eAch 0ther'S heArt
S0metimEs wE tAke f0r grAnteD, I feAr,
ThE 0nEs wh0 arE s0 cl0sE aNd dEaR

WE gEt s0 cAughT uP iN lifE And thinGs wE MusT d0
S0metiMeS wE f0rgeT t0 st0p anD saY I l0ve y0u.
IF eveR y0u fElt I f0rgoT 0r didn0t caRe
LEt mE st0p righT n0w, My trUe fEElings I'll shAre.

Y0u'rE thE sUn iN mY sKy, ThE bEd whErE I liE
Y0u'rE the home where I'm safe, the field where I play.
Y0u'rE evErytHing I Am, evErYtHing I Do.
S0 whAt I aM saYinG iS I L0Ve Y0u

(MArciA M. GRiffitH )

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