ThE bEsT 0f friEndS

ThE beSt 0f friEndS
CAn chAnGe a froWn,INto A sMilE

WheN y0u fEEl d0wN.
ThE bEsT 0f friEndS
WilL UndeRstanD
Y0uR liTtlE tRialS

AnD lenD A hAnD.
ThE bEst 0f FriEndS
WilL AlWayS shArE
Y0uR sEcreT dReaMs
BecAuSe thEy cArE.

ThE bEsT 0f FriEndS
W0rtH m0rE tHan g0lD
GivE AlL thE l0vE
A hEarT cAn h0lD

(S JilL W0lf )


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