TruE friEndS

TRuE FriEnDs Are f0r lifE,

UntiL thE eNd
ThEy arE m0rE thAn sPeciAl
ThEy Are y0uR bEsteSt fRieNdS

ThEy Are ThE 0nEs y0u cAn g0 t0
WhEn y0u Are iN deSpaIR
ThE 0neS that wiLL hElp y0u
EvEn whEn y0u g0t gUm iN y0ur HaiR

ThEy Are thE 0nEs wh0 will lAugH
ANd g0 lAughinG witH y0u All thr0uGh thE niGhT 
ThE oNeS wh0 will hElp y0u
HElp y0u WitH All thEir miGhT

T0 hAvE a g00d friEnd
Y0u hAvE t0 bE 0nE
S0 bE nicE t0 0nE an0theR
S0 y0u cAn Be friEndS f0reVeR
ANd thAt Is h0w t0 bE thE bEst friEnD y0u cAn bE

( SAmaNthA )


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