A FrienD iS a pErs0n

A FrienD iS a pErs0n
T0 lAuGh AnD crY wItH,AN inSpirAti0n

S0me0nE wh0 leNdS A hElpInG hAnD,
TH0uGh FriEndS mAy n0t Be F0reVeR,
AnD thEy mAy n0t eNd uP t0GethEr,
ThE mEm0riEs 0f A trUe friEnDshiP wilL,laSt f0reVeR.

A friEnD iS n0t A shAd0w n0r A seRvanT
BuT s0me0nE wh0 h0lD
A PieCe 0f A pErs0n iN hiS hEarT.
S0mE0nE wh0 sHarEs A sMilE,
S0mEonE wh0 briGhtEnS uP y0uR daY
WhAt MakeS A peRs0n A friEnD?
IS bY saYinG y0uR L0vE wilL stAy

(ReNeE DonnA BUfeTe)


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