A FriEnD iS A GifT

A FriEnD iS s0mE0nE
Wh0 cAn l00k iNt0 0uR s0uL
A kiNd AnD l0vInG sPiriT,
ThAt alWayS sEEmS t0 Kn0w,
WhEn wE nEEd coMfoRT aNd l0vE,
0r thE cArE aNd sUpp0rT
0f A wArM aNd GEntlE HuG

A FrieNd iS s0mE0nE,
ThAt wE h0lD dEaR,
A whiSpeR 0f h0pE iN 0Ur heArT,
ThAt GUiDeS uS Thr0uGh 0uR FeAr
A friEnD iS A GifT,
A blEsSinG WitH0uT MeAsUrE,
A s0uRcE 0f uNyiEldinG StrEnGtH,
IN wHicH wE FinD GrEaT plEaSurE

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