FiRsT L00k At m0M

FiRsT L00k At m0M
WitH mY EyeS WiNkInG,
L00kinG At hEr
KePt 0n ThiNkiNG

ThiS G0ldeN lAdY
T00k Me t0 EartH,
CAreD f0r A frAGilE tEddY
AnD GAvE mE BirtH,

PlaYeD witH mE
AS I wAs A littlE 0nE,
WHicH mAdE Me DreaM
ANd cReatE fuN,

HEr l0vE DivinE
MAkeS mE GroW,
WitH thaT TimE
F0R mY DeSAtiNy t0 bE drAwn

(NIkhiL JAiN)

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