WhY M0thEr is SpEciAl?

A m0thEr iS s0me0nE wh0 l0vEs y0u
Wh0 cArEs f0r y0u iN eVeRy wAy

ShE SitS d0wn aNd liSteNs y0u
whAt eVeR y0u wAnT t0 sAy

ShE alWayS tHinKs y0uR BeAuTifuL
NeVeR pUtS y0u d0wN

ShE aLwAyS A sMilE
T0 WipE AwAy y0uR fEaR & tEaR

A m0theR iS s0mE0nE wh0 bElieVeS iN y0u
AlWaYs pUshEs y0u t0 G0 fAR

TEllS y0u t0 bEliEvE iN y0uRseLF
N0 MaTteR wh0 y0u ArE

A m0theR iS wh0 hElpS y0u
F0r sh0winG thE wAy
F0r SmILinG EverY DaY.

A m0theR iS LiKe An AnGeL
AlTh0uGh With0uT ThE WinGs

ShE teLlS y0U t0 Enj0y
LiFe'S m0sT sMalLeSt ThiNGs

I ReAlLy l0vE mY m0theR
ShE mEaNs s0 mUcH t0 mE
ThAt'S h0w iT AlwaYs WilL Be

S0 thiS dAy iS s0 spEcIaL
BeCaUsE y0u'rE s0 sPeCiaL t00

JuSt ReMemBeR 0nE ThInG,
ThaT I d0 l0vE y0u

 (SWetA LEEnA PAndA)

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