A M0ther GifT

Fr0m thE vErY firSt tiMe Y0u h0lD y0uR cHilD
ThEir fiRst GifT iS y0uR hEarT f0reveR
ThE l0vE y0u GivE AnD thEy ReturN
IS thE b0nD thAt wiLL h0lD y0u t0GetHeR

Thr0ugh0uT thEir liFe Y0uR l0vE wilL Be
A liGhT thAt GuidEs thEir waY
ThE beAc0n Agl0w iN thE dArknesS
Sh0ulD thEy eVer G0 AstraY

Y0uR l0vE wilL GivE thEm c0uraGe
WhEn thE wAy AhEaD iS uNcLeaR
AnD wilL giVe thEm strEngtH, whEn nEEdEd
T0 hElP 0vErc0mE thEiR fEarS

Y0ur l0vE wilL aCcepT tHeM f0R wh0 thEy ArE
WhAtEveR thEy sAy 0R d0,
Y0uR l0vE wilL f0rgivE uNreSerVedlY
BeCaUsE thEy ArE A ParT 0f y0u

It'S a l0vE thAt wilL kn0w n0 bArRierS
HavE n0 b0unDs n0 expEctAti0nS
Y0uR l0vE wilL bE uNc0ndiTi0naL,
PUrE, WitH n0 c0mPliCati0nS

A l0vE thaT rEmAinS aS c0nstAnT
AS thE stArS iN thE hEaVeN Ab0ve
A GifT N0 m0nEy 0n eArtH cAn bUy,
ThE GifT 0f A m0thEr'S l0vE

(JAnettE FiSheR)

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