M0thEr'S DAy

An0thEr M0thEr'S DAy iS hErE
BriNgiNg j0y AnD plEaSuReS nEw
0n tHiS sPeCiaL dAy M0tHeR dEaR
I wAnT t0 rEmEmbEr y0u

I cAnN0T GiVe y0u c0stlY GiFtS
AnD I haVe T0lD y0u tHis bEf0rE
N0 mAttEr wHaT I GiVe t0 y0u
Y0u GivE bAcK mUcH mUcH m0rE

I'M GiviNg y0u A pUrE sWEEt r0sE
GatHeReD iN thE eArlY m0rN
ThiS r0sE y0u PlaNteD iN mY hEaRT
ThE dAy thAt I wAs b0rN

IN kiNdlY l0vN th0uGhtS 0f y0u
AnD witH thE fAitH y0u StilLiMpArT
ThE r0sE I giVe t0 y0u t0dAy
IS thE l0vE thAt'S iN mY hEarT

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