A M0thEr LIkE Y0u

F0r AlL thE tiMeS y0u'Ve bEEn thErE
Fr0m thE dAy I wAs b0rN
Y0u'Ve AlwAyS gAve mE c0urAgE
T0 d0 aS I pErf0rM

Y0u cAlL t0 sAy hEll0
Y0 sEnD mE n0teS t0 sAy y0u cArE
AnD whEn wE ArE t0gEtHeR
AsPeCiaL m0mEntiSshAreD

F0rthE mAnY tHinGs y0u'Ve d0nE
F0r alL thE tiMeS 0uR wErE thErE
HElpS mE t0 kn0w dEEp d0wN
H0w mUcH y0u rEalLy cArE

EvEn th0uGh I miGhT n0t sAy iT
I rEalLy apPreCiatE alL y0u d0
S0 p0wErFulLy bleSSeD iS h0w I fEEl
F0r hAvinG A m0thEr liKe y0u

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