A M0thEr iS 0nE wh0

A M0thEr iS 0nE wh0
uNdeRstAnDs thE tHings
y0u sAy AnD d0

Wh0 AlwAyS 0veRl00kS
y0uR fAultS AnD sEEs thE
bEsT iN y0u

A M0thEr iS 0nE wh0sE
spEciAl l0vE iNsPirEs y0u
dAy By DaY.

Wh0 filLs y0uR hEarT WitH
GlaDnSS iN hEr wArM
AnD th0uGhTfL WaY.

A M0thEr iS AlL thEsE tHinGs
anD m0rE  thE GrEaTeSt
trEaSurE kN0wN.

AnD thE dEaResT M0thEr iN
AlL 0f thE w0rlD iS thE 0nE I
CalL mY 0wN

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