A GrEaT M0thEr

AS I l00k up0n mY chilDreN
I wiSh thAt I wilL bE
AS grEaT A m0theR t0 mY ChilDreN
As mY m0theR wAs t0 mE

ShE AlwAys kNowS wHaT t0 sAy
AnD whAt I nEEd t0 hEaR
ShE AlwAyS t0lD mE h0w iT wAs
s0 siMpLE AnD s0 clEaR

As m0thEr AnD dAuGhteRs d0
we’D ArgUe AnD we’D fiGhT
BuT th0ugH thE teArS AnD DraMa
I l0vE hEr WitH AlL mY MiGhT

ShE l00keD thE sAmE EverY DaY
I reMemBeR fR0m whEn I’M Y0unG
A fEw liNeS And WriNkleS tHerE
BuT stilL mY bEaUtifuL mUM

ShE iS alWayS bEEn s0 wisE
shE iS alWayS bEEn s0 str0nG
She’s always been so stubborn
and occasionally she’s wronG

MY mUm iS sUrE n0t pErfEcT
AS I sUre I aM n0t mUcH t00
BuT mUm iS kn0w y0u iNsidE 0uT
AnD AdviSeD y0u As y0u grEw

N0w dAyS hAvE c0mE AnD tiMe hAs paSSeD
whErE mUm iS GroWinG WeaK
AnD wE d0n0T kn0w thE w0rDs t0 HelP
AnD thE riGhT w0rdS t0 spEaK

F0r l0sinG mUm Is thErE iS n0 b00k
0r iNstrUcti0nS whAt t0 sAy
I h0pE I sAy thE w0rdS riGhT
T0 hElp hEr 0n hEr wAy

F0r I l0vE y0u m0m y0u ArE mY w0rlD
I thAnK y0u WitH AlL mY hEarT
I d0n0t kn0w wHy y0u hAvE t0 g0
AnD whY wE hAvE t0 pArT

BuT kn0w y0u ArE l0veD AnD chErshE
AnD we ArE AlL hErE f0r y0u
AnD kn0w y0u ArE GoinG t0 A plAcE
whErE pE0plE l0vE y0u t00

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