My m0tHeR'S l0vE

A piCtuRe mEm0rY bRinGS t0 mE

I l00k aCr0sS thE yEaRs AnD sEE

MYsElF bEsIdE mY m0thEr'S KnEE

I fEEl hEr GeNtlE hAnD reStrAiN

MY sElfiSh m00dS AnD kN0w AGaiN

A cHilD's BliNd SeNsE 0f wRonG AnD pAiN

. BuT WiSeR n0w

A mAn GrAy gR0wN

My cHildH00d'S nEEdS ArE bEttEr kN0Wn.

MY m0thEr'S cHaSteNinG l0vE I 0wN


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