HEr hAnDs hElpEd

HEr hAnDs hElD mE GEnTlY fr0m tHe DaY I t00k mY fiRsT bReAtH
HEr hAnDs hElpEd t0 GuiDe mE aS I t00k mY fIRst sTeP
HEr hAnDs hElD mE cl0sE wHeN thE tEaRs w0ulD sTarT t0 fAlL
HEr hAnDs wErE qUicK t0 sh0w mE thAt sHe w0ulD tAkE cArE 0f iT AlL

HeR hAnDs wErE tHeRe t0 bRuSh mY hAiR 0r sTrAiGhTen A wAywArD b0w.
HeR hAnDs wErE 0ftEn thErE t0 c0mf0RT tHe hUrtS ThAt DiDn'T AlwAyS sh0w.
HeR hAnDs hElPeD h0lD thE sTaRs iN plAcE aNd eNc0urAgEd mE t0 reAcH
HeR hAnDs w0ulD cLAp AnD chEEr AnD pRaiSe whEn I cAptUreD thEm At lEnGtH

HeR hAnDs w0ulD As0 pUsH mE th0uGh n0t d0wN 0r iN hArM's wAy.
HeR hAnDs w0ulD pUnctUatE thE w0rDs jUsT Do wHaT I sAy.
HeR hAnDs s0mEtiMeS hAd t0 diSciPliNe t0 hElP bEnD tHiS y0unG trEE
HeR hAnDs w0ulD sHaPe AnD m0lD mE iNt0 alL shE kNeW I c0ulD bE

HeR hAnDs ArE n0w tWiStiNG WitH aGe AnD yEarS 0f w0rK
HeR hAnD n0w nEEdS mY geNtlE t0uCh t0 rUb AwAy thE hUrT
HeR hAnDs ArE m0rE bEaUtifUl thAn AnYtHinG cAn bE
HeR hAnDs ArE thE rEaS0n i Am Me

(MaGGie PiTTmAn )


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