MY dEaR m0thEr uNliKe AnY 0tHeR


MY dEaR m0thEr uNliKe AnY 0tHeR

Y0u tAuGhT mE h0w t0 wAlK
AnD y0u tAuGhT mE h0w t0 tAlK
Y0u pr0viDeD A r00f 0vEr mY hEaD
AnD alWaYs mAdE sUrE I wAs fEEd

Y0u tAuGhT mE m0rAlS aNd StaNdArDs
THe mEaNinGs 0f liVinG AnD AlL Ab0uT GiVinG
WhAt A w0nDeRfUL  bEaUtiFuL  tH0uGhtFuL iNtelliGeNt m0thEr I hAvE
AnD y0u mAkE mE trUlY GlAd

Y0u AlwAyS g0 0uT 0f y0uR waY f0r eVerY0nE eAcH dAy
Y0u aLwAyS liSteN t0 wHaTI sAy eVeN iF I'M hAvinG A bAd dAy
WhEnEvEr I'Ve had iSSuES 
Y0u hAvE AlwAyS bEEn mY tiSSueS

Y0u AlwAyS huGGeD mE tiGhT 
AnD l0veD mE witH AlL y0uR MiGhT
Y0u wErE AlwAyS thErE f0r mE wHeN I nEEdEd s0mE0nE
I'M s0 vErY thAnKfuL t0 hAvE A m0tHeR liKe y0u
WitH y0uR kiNdNeSS AnD AlL thAt y0u d0

AlL thEsE w0rdS ArE pErfeCtlY TrUe
AnD m0tHeR I l0vE y0u
Y0u ArE A M0tHeR uNliKe AnY 0thER 
A liTTlE p0eM I wr0tE f0r y0u t0 lEt y0u kN0w 
I l0vE y0u AnD ApPreCiaTe y0u EveRy dAy 
IN eVeRy siNGlE way

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