HaPPy M0tHeR's DaY

PE0plE sAy "I l0vE y0u"
BuT whAt iS l0vE?
IS iT tHe wHitE feAtHeRs
0n aN eVeNinG D0vE?

IS iT tHe wAy tHe sUn sHiNeS
EVeRy m0mEnT s0 bRiGhT 
0r mAyBe iT's tHe wAy A pErs0n'S eYeS sPaRklE
WHeN y0u wHisPeR "G00dNiGhT?"

IS iT thE m0rNinG dEw
0n tHe GraSSy HilL siDeS
IS iT tHe fl0w 0f wAtEr
IN tHe lAtE evEninG TidE?

THe 0xf0rD EnGlisH diCti0naRy sAyS
L0vE iS A dEEp AffeCti0n.
WhAt thEy d0n0T eXplAiN
IS h0w t0 crEatE sUch A stR0nG c0NNeCti0n

I d0n'T Kn0w MuCh Ab0uT l0vE 
BuT wHaT I d0-
IS ThAt n0 w0rdS An DeScRiBe iT m0rE ThAn
I fEEL iT f0R y0u

IT mAy n0t Be ThE SuN thE WaTeR 0r ThE DuE
IT mAy JuSt Be ThAt L0vE iS EveRytHinG y0u d0

IT iS ThE wAy y0uR FaCe LiFtS
WhEn y0u GRaCe uS wiTh y0uR sMilE
ThE wAy y0u DaNcE Ar0unD 
ReMinDs uS 0f y0uR QuirkY sTylE

IT iS ThE wAy y0u CaRe f0R uS
IN s0 mAnY wAyS
AnD ThE WaY y0u d0 ThiS 
EveRy m0mEnT 0f EveRy DaY

IT's ThE wAy y0u Enj0y EveRy m0mEnT
ThAt iNsPireS uS t0 LivE
AnD aS wE d0 s0, 
T0 y0u wE ShaRe All ThE L0vE wE cAn GivE

HaPpY M0tHeR's DaY 
0uR AnGel Fr0m Ab0vE
BeCaUsE n0thiNg cAn DeScRiBe iT BeTTeR

(TaYl0r RuSSeLL)

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