EVeRyThiNG m0M

H0w Did y0u FiNd ThE eNerGy M0m
T0 D0 AlL tHe ThInGs y0u DiD
T0 Be TeAcHeR nUrSe AnD c0uNsEl0r
T0 mE wHeN I wAs A KiD

H0w Did y0u D0 iT ALL M0m
Be A cHaUffEuR c00k AnD FriEnD
YEt FiNd tiMe t0 Be A PlAyMaTe
I jUsT cAN n0T c0mPrEhEnD

I sEE n0w iT wAs L0vE M0m
THaT mAdE y0u c0mE wHeNeVeR I’D cAlL
Y0uR iNexHaUstIbLe l0vE M0m
AnD I tHaNk y0u f0r iT AlL

 J0aNnA FUcHs

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