MY HaNdS wErE BuSy

MY HaNdS wErE BuSy tHr0uGh ThE DaY
I DiD n0t hAvE MuCh TiMe T0 PlAy
ThE LiTTlE GaMeS y0u AsKeD t0 d0
I DiD n0t hAvE MuCh TiMe f0r y0u

I’D wAsH y0uR cL0tHeS I’D sEw AnD c00k
Y0u’D AsK AnD I’D ReAd fR0m y0uR b00k
I’D tUcK y0u iN AlL sAfE At NiGhT
AnD hEaR y0uR pRaYeRs tUrn 0uT tHe LiGhT

THeN TiPt0e s0fTly By y0uR d00r
I wiSh I’D sTaYeD A MiNuTe m0rE
F0r LifE wAs sH0rt tHe yEaRs RuShEd pAsT
A liTTlE b0y gR0wS uP s0 FaSt

N0 l0nGeR iS hE At mY SiDe
HiS pReCi0uS sEcReTs t0 c0nfiDe
ThE PiCtuRe b00kS ArE pUt AwAy
ThErE ArE n0 l0nGeR GAmEs t0 pLaY

N0 Teddy Bears or misplaced toys
N0 slEEp0vErS WitH l0tS 0f b0yS
N0 G00dniGhT kiSS n0 pRaYeRs t0 hEaR
ThAt All bEl0nGs t0 yEstEryEaR

My hAnDs 0nCe bUsY n0w ArE sTilL
THe DaYs ArE l0nG aNd HaRd t0 fiLL
I wiSh I c0ulD G0 bAcK AnD d0
ThE liTTle tHinGs y0u AskeD mE t0 d0


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