I wAtChEd mY M0M

I wAtCheD mY M0m FilL 0uT An ApPliCati0n
I l00kEd At tHe LinE tHaT AsKs Ab0uT pAsT pR0feSSi0nS
I th0uGhT t0 mYsElF tHaT sPaCe iS t00 sMalL
T0 wRitE d0wN wHaT sHe'S bEEn t0 c0veR iT AlL

SHe wAs A nUrSe wHeN I fElL AnD sCraPeD mY KnEE
SHe wAs A MaiD WhEn I Did n0T WipE mY fEEt
SHe wAs A dEsiGneR wHeN mY Cl0tHeS Did n0T mAtCh
SHe wAs A Tail0r wHeN mY PaNts nEEdEd A pAtcH

SHe wAs A tEacHeR wHeN I AsKeD A qUeSti0n
SHe wAs A pRiEsT wHeN I hAd A c0nfESSi0n
SHe wAs A pSyChiAtriSt wHeN I cAmE h0mE cRyinG.
SHe wAs A prEaChEr wHeN I g0t cAuGhT lYinG

SHe wAs A siNgeR wHeN sHe SunG mE t0 slEEp
SHe wAs A LiFeGuArD wHeN ShE SaiD tHe WaTer'S t00 dEEp
ThErE ArE ManY m0re yEt tHe BeSt 0nE t0 mE
SHe wAs A BeSt FriEnD aNd MinE f0reVer ShE'lL bE

(MArian N KeHrleY )

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