MY prEci0uS LiTTle bAbY

Fr0m tHe m0mEnT y0u wErE b0rN
I KneW wHaT l0vE wAs ReAllY Ab0uT
I l0vEd y0u m0rE ThAn AnYtHinG
BeY0nD tHe ShAd0w 0f A D0uBt

THe b0nD I fELT wAs UnbReAkAblE
AnD iNstAnTly I KnEw
THaT I w0uLd SpEnD EteRniTy
THaNkiNg G0D f0r mY MirAclE y0u

TiMe hAs quiCklY pAsSEd uS bY
AnD n0w y0u'Re QuiTe tHe liTTle lAdY
BuT iN mY eYeS y0u WilL alWayS bE
MY prEci0uS LiTTle bAbY

0nE dAy iN ThE fUtUrE
G0D wilL BleSS y0u WitH A MiRaCle t00
THeN y0u wiLL kN0w ThE DePtH 0f l0vE
ThAt I Will AlwAys hAvE f0r y0u

I wilL bE hErE f0r y0u AlwAyS
AnD f0rEveR AnD A DaY
L0vinG y0u uNc0nDiti0nAllY
EveRy SteP Al0nG tHe wAy

(KRIsTEn DaVId )

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