THaNK y0u M0m

THaNK y0u M0m
F0r tHe l0vE sTreNgtH AnD CaRe
F0r iN tHis w0rlD tHaT iS QuiTe RaRe
F0r bEinG mY GuArDiAn AnD mY GuiDe
0n th0sE sAd DaYs wHeN I CRieD

 I Am Pr0uD 0f y0u BeCaUsE
Y0u nEveR GaVe uP h0pE WheN tHe TimEs WeRe HaRd
Y0u kEpT G0inG f0rwArD tHr0uGh iT All yArD bY YaRd
Y0u hAvE nEveR lEt 0tHeRs cHanGe wh0 y0u ArE
Y0u hAvE AlwAyS sh0wN mE tHaT y0u'Re mY fAv0riTe StAr
Y0u m0vE tHr0uGh tHe UnKn0wN wiTh StRenGtH
N0 mAtteR h0w fAr tHe LenGtH

I w0uLd hAvE nEveR bEEn HeRe t0dAy
WiTh0uT y0uR m0tHeRlY AdVicE
WiTh0uT y0uR UltiMatE sAcRifiCe
WiTh0uT tHe sUpp0rt I nEEdeD
I nEveR w0ulD hAvE sUccEEdEd
WiTh0uT y0uR uNb0uNdEd l0vE
I c0ulD nEveR sTaY Ab0vE

I jUsT wAntEd y0u t0 Kn0w
I wiLL AlwAyS StAnD bY y0uR SidE
I wiLL GiVe bAcK AnD Be y0uR GuiDe
I wiLL fiGhT f0r y0u iN tHe HarD tiMeS
EVeN iF AlL I hAvE ArE A fEw dimES
I wiLL nEveR l0sE mY FaiTh iN y0u
MY l0vE f0r y0u iS AlwAyS tRuE

I wiLL alWaYs Be ThErE
0n tH0sE DaYs y0u ArE hUrT AnD sAd
AnD y0u fEEl eVerYtHinG iS G0inG bAd
I wiLL h0lD y0u iN mY ArmS AnD SaY
I Am GlAd t0 bE WitH y0u HeRe t0dAy
wHeN y0u fEEl y0u ArE Al0nE
I wiLL bE y0uR cHaPeR0nE

S0 THaNK y0u M0m
I l0vE y0u s0 mUcH
NEvEr f0rGeT tHe sUpp0rT AnD l0vE I hAvE F0r y0u WilL nEvEr DiMiniSh
Y0u ArE 0nE 0f tHe stR0nGeSt pE0plE I kN0w 
S0 d0 n0T lEt AnY0nE ElSe'S EviL DeCisi0nS 0r cArEleSS Acti0nS 
CHanGe wh0 y0u ArE t0dAy 
Y0u ArE BeTTeR thAn aLL 0f ThEm AnD Str0nGer iN eVerY WaY

Fr0m y0uR s0n'S hEaRt

(JEssIE SAnDeRs)

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