G00d M0rniNG m0m

AS I lAy AwAkE
F0r My Tw0 liTTlE stArS 
T0 sHiNe

I l00k t0 My lEfT
HErE liEs A liTtlE b0y WitH r0sY chEEkS AnD fuZZy hAiR
HiS EnErGy iS rEchArGinG, 
HE iS s0 pEaCeFuL aS hE tAkEs iN AlL tHaT WilL bE uSeD t0dAy

EyEs wiLL 0pEn
ArMs WilL f0lD aR0uNd mE
AnD hEarTs wiLL mElT t0GetHeR
Fr0m tHaT wArM BriGht SmILe tHaT liGhTs uP mY w0rlD

I l00k t0 mY RiGhT 
T0 A sUcKlinG At mY BreAsT
SHe hEsiTatEs t0 wAkE uP
LiTTle SqUirMs aNd SqUeAkS sAyS
JUsT fiVe m0rE MinUteS m0mMy

HeR TinY PiNk LiPs pUlL AwAy
HeR ArmS sTrEtcH
AnD ThE sUn cAtcHeS
ThAt tWinKlE iN heR EyE

ShE tAkeS iN EveRytHinG Ar0uNd HeR
ThE s0uNd 0f RaiN FaLLinG
ThE TaStE 0f SwEEt MilK
DriBBlinG Fr0m HeR s0fT t0nGuE

ShE GaZeS iNt0 mY EyeS 
T0 Rec0nNecT witH mY hEaRtbEaT 
AnD r0cKinG 0f ThE w0mB
WHeRe ShE 0ncE LiVeD

G00d M0rniNG  mY l0vES

(CHriStinE E. K0biE )

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