G0D piCkeD y0u f0r mE M0m

I Kn0w WheN I wAs liTTlE wE wErE n0t Cl0sE
I AlwAyS WaNteD y0u t0 l0vE mE ThE M0sT
I Did tHinGs t0 GeT y0uR AtteNti0n
THaT I KnEw I Sh0ulD HavE n0t
I Am s0rrY M0m All ThE YeArS wE f0uGhT
I UnDeRsTanD n0w ThAt y0u ArE A pReCi0uS GifT
ThAt G0D sEnDs t0 EvErY GirL 0n HiS l0nG  l0nG LisT
IF iT wAs n0T  f0r y0u I w0ulD n0t bE wh0 I Am
G0D piCkeD y0u f0r mE M0m
H0w GrAtEfuL I Am

(RaYeTTe CRuZ )

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