I'M hErE

SlEEp n0w mY AnGeL AnD ReSt y0uR EyeS
M0mMy MuSt SaY HeR LaSt g00dByES
PLeAsE D0 n0t Be SaD  AnD PleAsE D0 n0t CrY
M0mMy WilL gIvE y0u ThE WinGs t0 FlY

IF y0u D0 n0t WaNt t0 SaY g00dByE
M0mMy wiLL WaTcH y0u AnD StAnD bY Y0uR SiDe
LiFe iS n0t FAiR bUt PleAsE UnDeRstAnD
M0mMy'S n0t fAr I Am h0lDinG y0uR HanD

I'lL kiSS y0u G00dniGhT cHaSe M0nSteRs AwAy
WArM uP y0uR HeArT 0n A c0lD WiNteR DaY
BE ThE SUn 0n y0uR SkiN thE WinD iN y0uR hAiR
I Am NeVeR t00 fAr I'M StAnDinG NiGhT thErE
MY TimE SpEnT WitH y0u wiLL l0nG bE A TrEaSurE
0f iNfiNitE LeAguEs n0 RuLeR c0ulD MeAsUrE
M0mMy MusT G0 it'S tiMe t0 FlY
TAkE A dEEp BreAtH AnD LeT 0uT A SiGh

LiVe 0uT y0uR LiFe AnD BiD mE FaReWeLL
FiNd iN y0uR hEaRt ThE StReNgtH t0 ExCeL
Y0uR FuTuRe iS BriGhT y0u'lL G0 fAr mY dEaR
D0 n0t GeT t00 SaD D0 n0t W0rRy
I'M hErE

(JAmEs p. GRaHaM)

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