A m0thEr'S l0vE

A m0thEr'S l0vE iS A w0nDeRfuL l0vE pAcKaGeD fR0m HeAvEn WitH SpEciAl cArE
A m0thEr'S l0vE iS liKe n0 0tHeR l0vE iN wHicH y0u cAn c0mPaRe
A m0thEr'S l0vE iS pUriFieD bY AnGelS aNd Fl0wS DiReCtlY fr0m hEr s0uL
A m0thEr'S l0vE iS jUsTifiEd bY G0D aNd bY HiS hAndS hE CrEaTeD ThE m0lD
ThiS m0lD tHaT wAs ShApeD AnD fAsHi0nEd bY G0D hAs EnDuReD ThE TeSt 0f TimE
ThiS m0lD ThAt wAs TaPeD AnD ReC0rdEd bY w0mEn RanG 0uT LikE A hEaVeNLY cHimE
A m0thEr'S l0vE iS uNc0nDiti0naL AnD Fr0m HeR hEaRt ThiS cAn bE t0Ld
A m0thEr'S l0vE iS nUtriti0naL iT iiS thE frUit tHaT fEEds 0uR s0uL
A m0thEr'S l0vE iS' tRuE l0vE AnD fr0m hEr hEarT sHe cAn n0t liE.
A m0thEr'S l0vE iS EteRnAl tHe KiNd tHaT w0n'T EveR diE
A m0thEr'S l0vE iS thE tiE thAt BinDs AnD heR b0nD cAn nEveR bE bR0kEn
A m0thEr'S l0vE iS bRaNdeD iN 0uR hEarTs eVeN wHeN hEr w0rdS ArEn'T sp0keN

(LE0thA Br0wN)

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