M0m THeRe ArE n0 w0rDs

M0m THeRe ArE n0 w0rDs
THaT cAn p0sSiblY eXpReSS

H0w mUcH y0u MeAn t0 mE
AnD h0w MuCh TruSt I FEEL f0r y0u

Y0u'vE GiVeN uP s0 MuCh f0r Me
M0rE tHaN I DeSeRvE

N0 MaTTeR h0w BaD iT GeTs
I cAn AlwAyS c0unT 0n y0uR sMilE

WHeN y0u LaUgH
Y0uR EyeS LiGhT uP

MuCh LikE tHe StArS
IN ThE NiGhT sKy

Y0u'rE mY Sh0ulDeR t0 cRy 0n
MY LeG t0 LeAn 0n

THaT R0pE tHaT H0ldS mE t0GetheR
S0 I d0 n0t BrEaK

I h0pE y0u kN0w I L0vE y0u
WitH EvErY Bit 0f mY HeArt

Y0u'rE n0t 0nlY A m0tHeR t0 mE
Y0u'rE A FriEnD  A c0mPaNi0n BuT M0sT Imp0rtaNtlY  Y0u'rE A  GiFt

(kRiSti GUrNeY)

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