WHeN I wAs A sMaLL cHilD.

WHeN I wAs A sMaLL cHilD.
Y0u hElD mY hAnD AnD sMiLeD.
WHeN I G0t hURt I w0uLd cRy
Y0u w0ulD GiGGle AnD DrY mY EyE

LiFe hAs DiFFicUlT dEciSi0nS AnD y0u WeRe mY GUidE
y0u tAuGhT mE h0w t0 DeCidE
y0u t0lD mE thAt tHe BaD Sh0ulD bE dEniEd
AnD tHaT fAmiLy Sh0ulD nEveR bE PuT AsiDe

WHeN I wAs A sMaLL cHilD.
I wAs A liTTle WilD
AS I GRew I'vE d0nE A fEw Wr0nG tHinGs AnD iT's tRuE
ThErE's A l0t 0f ThinGs I'vE WaNteD t0 teLL y0u

AnD wHeN wE hAvE pR0bleMs wE aLwAyS MakE iT tHR0uGH
BuT 0nE tHinG ThAt I wAnT y0u t0 kN0w iS thAt
I L0Ve Y0U

(J0a0 de LE0n)

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